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Grilled White Pizza

This Grilled White Pizza is amazing! You can never achieve the texture of a grilled pizza  in an oven. The grilling technique for the dough allows the inside of the pizza dough to fluff up nicely and leaves beautiful grill… Read more

Ukrainan Fries

Ukrainian pan-fried potatoes are not your ordinary drive thru fries… These fries are quick and easy to prepare and is very common in the Slavic culture.  Read more


Braised Cabbage { Тушеная капуста }

It’s very typical to find braised cabbage among the Russians and Ukrainians. Braised cabbage usually consists of some fresh shredded cabbage and some sour kraut to create a sweet and savory cabbage blend that is caramelized from the slow cooking… Read more

coconut macaroons

Easy Coconut Macaroons

Coconut and chocolate go so well together and to combine these two ingredients make for a delicious dessert! These sweet coconut macaroons are so easy to make and taste absolutely delicious!  Read more

Red borscht-ukrainian borscht-beet soup

Red Borscht Recipe (Beet Soup)

Borscht (beet soup) is a well known soup throughout the Slavic culture, recognized for its beautiful red color. This beet soup is so versatile as you can completely omit the meat, make this vegetarian, add beans, however you prefer it. But borscht wouldn’t be… Read more

Stuffed Mushrooms With a Creamy Cheese Sauce

These Stuffed Mushrooms have a creamy cheese sauce and secret ingredient! If you get leftover stuffed cabbage filling you could use it here. Thanks to my creative mother in law who gave me the idea of making these stuffed mushrooms. Read more

Easy Italian Bread Loaves

Have you ever wondered how to make that delicious white fluffy Italian bread from the grocery store? Well this is pretty close. Super soft and fluffy interior, nice brown crust on the exterior = amazing bread. These loaves go very… Read more

Easy Mushroom Soup

This is a very quick and easy mushroom soup. Most ingredients are probably something you already have in the fridge and if you prepare the vegetables beforehand this soup can be ready as soon as the potatoes are done (20 min). Read more

Individual Chicken Pot Pies { From Scratch }

These individual chicken pot pies are so scrumptious and filling. This comfort classic is individually packed with diced vegetables and a creamy gravy sealed in a flaky homemade dough. No ramekins needed… Read more

Tiramisu Cake Recipe

Best Tiramisu Recipe

If I didn’t name this the Best Tiramisu Recipe, I would be underestimating this dessert. It’s that DELICIOUS! Read more

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