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Homemade Alfredo Sauce Recipe

This is the creamiest and BEST Homemade Alfredo Sauce that I have come across! It even wins over the Olive Garden’s recipe that I have been using and is my favorite Alfredo sauce recipe! Read more


Shrimp Scampi Fritta Recipe (Olive Garden Copycat)

Shrimp Scampi Fritta is one of my favorite Olive Garden appetizers! This 3-ingredient copycat recipe is super easy to throw together! Read more


BEST Homemade Mushroom Gravy Recipe

This is one of the BEST homemade mushroom gravy recipes that you can make from scratch! This one-pan recipe is super easy and makes the perfect brown gravy for steaks, rice or mashed potatoes!   Read more


EASY Cornbread Recipe

This Easy Homemade Cornbread recipe is a one-bowl mix and bake deal! Its the perfect fluffy sweet bread to serve with chili, beans, pulled meats, veggies and so much more! Read more


Instant Pot White Chicken Chili

This instant pot white chicken chili is a winner! Even picky eaters can love this soup! Such a flavorful way to use beans, corn and chicken! Read more


Easy Macarons Recipe (Fail-proof!)

These are the EASIEST fail-proof macarons! See how to make this easy 4-ingredient Macarons recipe with step-by-step photos! Read more


Chocolate Cherry Cake with Super-Moist Crumb!

This chocolate cherry cake has a SUPER-MOIST crumb! It can be referred to the snowflake cherry cake and gets requested at Russian and Ukrainian Weddings!  Read more


Chicken Salad Sandwiches Recipe

This is the only Chicken Salad Sandwich Recipe you’ll need! When chicken salad is this good you can pile it up on sandwiches and serve it for parties, lunches or dinner! Learn how to make them with step-by-step photos!  Read more


How To Make Shredded Chicken

Find out how to make shredded chicken 3 EASY ways! Perfect for meal prep, enchiladas, tacos, sandwiches, salads or dips! This all-purpose pulled chicken recipe is a staple! Read more


Creamy Spinach Rice

This creamy spinach rice makes the perfect side dish using fresh spinach! A three cheese melody, cream and broth make it extra creamy and it’s all cooked in one-pot! Read more