Welcome to Alyona’s Cooking where sharing recipes of my everyday expertise turned into a career! I’ve been cooking for my family for over 10 years and now in a busy family of eight, home-cooked meals have become in more demand! That means I’m usually cooking breakfast, dinner, occasional dessert, and lunch almost every day! Let’s just say I’ve gotten creative with cooking from scratch for my family.

I am a freshly milled flour convert! I make all things bread, dessert, dough, and pizza with home-ground flour using my grain mill. It’s so exciting when I can convert my favorite recipes to whole wheat! I also pull out my sourdough starter on rotation to make my favorite sourdough recipes!

It never gets boring with food recipes around here! I’m either documenting my new experiments on paper or asking for the recipe to a delicious recipe from friends and family, so, let’s just say we eat Good! I’m known for hacking Copycat recipes because I truly create them from scratch using my taste buds and extensive research to give you the best recipes!


Alyona’s Cooking started in the fall of 2015 and interestingly, in 2009 I was given a handmade binder with family favorite recipes as my bridal shower gift called, “Alyona’s Cooking”.

I started this food blog after having a conversation with my sister who strongly insisted I start a food blog. It was a blog for my collection of favorite recipes that I would snap and publish with helpful process pictures to get an idea of how the recipes were made.

Today, my husband and I are running this blog full-time on our Southern farm with a ton of creative recipes in mind including wholesome recipes using up veggies from the garden, meat from the field, and all recipes related to homesteading!

Trust me, there’s constantly a new recipe I’m excited about especially when I make something delicious from freshly ground whole wheat flour! Most of our cooking is from scratch because we love real food, quick and easy meals, and gathering around our big farmhouse table with friends and family.

I am Ukrainian, so most of my Russian and Ukrainian recipes come from family circles and I get the privilege of “translating” them, meaning I discover their tablespoon is more like two:) Our recipes are aimed to be easy and approachable with some that might require a bit more elbow grease. All of our recipes are tested and tried right from our kitchen, and our true critique is feedback from the family and ratings from our readers!

Finally, I’d like to thank my many friends and family members who have shared recipes with me over the years! Some of those recipes are our most popular recipes here and for a good reason! I enjoy sharing recipes to help the home cook make delicious meals from scratch, and good recipes spread so, spread the love and find me @Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube.


Alyona’s Cooking recipes have been featured in Parade 29 Healthy Fast Food Recipes and Tasty’s Ultimate Cookbook! If you have a recipe you’d like to submit or would like to collaborate with me, contact me through the form below.

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