Alyona’s Cooking food blog is all about sharing recipes! Whether it was a potluck find, a tried and passed down recipe, or an interesting creation, it’s ALL about food recipes here! 


A little about Alyona’s Cooking:

I’m Alyona the cook making all the recipes behind Alyona’s Cooking! I love to cook, share recipes, and discover new ones! Our food blog shares homey family-friendly recipes, some potluck favorites, the valuable guest finds, passed down Ukrainian recipes and of coarse delicious ones that make their way to a post. I also love re-creating famous copycat’s like our Taco Bell’s Creamy Jalapeño sauce or the Costco Chicken Bake so throw some ideas at me!

What is Alyona’s Cooking about?

I started Alyona’s Cooking blog back in the summer of 2015 for a way to share my homemade creations with others. My sister gave me the gesture to start and I’ve been striving forward since. It has grown so much and really is an amazing job to whom Glory be to God for!

There are many great tips to learn from the woman I have been surrounded by, like using a box grater for cutting butter into flour, or having a staple dough recipe that you can make stromboli and cinnamon rolls from (brilliant, I know!) but the best of knowledge comes from cooking and that’s when creativity can arise like when I made this famous copycat.

Most of my Russian and Ukrainian recipes come from family circles and I get the privilege of “translating” them, meaning I discover their tablespoon is more like two:)

It’s all about the food here and I really hope you can find some delicious recipes!


We are part of a small church and mealtime fellowship is something we do every Sunday where we bring our home-cooked meals to church. I am surrounded by many great women and get to taste their creations among which I share in my journey too.

alyonascooking church family

Most of us ladies have gardens and do lots of canning so you might just find a little of that in some of my recipes.

I find joy and satisfaction in cooking and find it, my happy place. I may not be the only one who likes homemaking as the Proverbs wife is defined as one who willingly works or provides food for her family (Proverbs 31; 13-15) and I do think that’s a God-given desire in many women.

About Family

My husband and I are raising 5 children with one taking the name to the 3rd generation! Our family gathers together for meals and dinner is probably the most favored one! There’s something special about taking the time to gather and we make that a priority.

Our recipes are aimed to be easy and approachable with some that might require a bit of more elbow grease. We hope you also find some family worthy recipes from our collection! Enjoy!

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