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whole wheat breakfast hot pockets

Breakfast Hot Pockets with Freshly Milled Flour

Feel good about Breakfast Hot Pockets made with freshly milled flour! These hot pockets are stuffed with eggs, bacon, ham, and cheese all wrapped inside a homemade flaky crescent roll crust. Read more

Ukrainian split pea soup

Ukrainian Split Pea Soup

Ukrainian Split Pea Soup is made from dried split green peas (or yellow split peas), simple vegetables, and a nutritious broth from meat bones. This Split pea soup recipe comes from my mom who makes this occasionally with chicken, pork, or any bone-in meat that you have on hand. It is so good and isn’t too thick like many of the split pea soup recipes! Read more

whole wheat waffles with freshly milled flour

Whole Wheat Waffles with Freshly Milled Flour

The only waffle recipe I make! Get all the healthy benefits of whole wheat waffles made with fresh milled flour! This whole wheat waffle recipe is made with soft white wheat (grain) that we mill using our grain mill to make whole wheat flour in a cinch. They turn out so light and fluffy on the inside and super crispy on the outside! Read more

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