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French dip sandwich in a crusty baguette roll with mustard sauce and melted Havarti cheese

French Dip Sandwich Recipe

Homemade French Dip Sandwich with tender beef, creamy horseradish mustard sauce, melted gooey Havarti, over a crusty French Roll baguette. We love this hot beef sandwich with Italian Giardiniera (pickled vegetables) served with its savory French dip au jus. You’ll love this French dip sandwich! Read more

pull apart bread from crescent dough to make a pizza twist

Cheesy Bacon Pull Apart Pizza Twist

Pizza twist is a pull-apart bread made from easy homemade crescent dough, marinara sauce, bacon bits, and melted American cheese (or Velveeta.) This twisted pizza is a favorite pull apart pizza braid for a tasty reason! Try this pull-apart pizza with a twist and see what the hype is about! Read more

baked feta pasta with cream cheese

Baked Feta Pasta Recipe

Feta pasta is the TikTok feta pasta recipe that went viral. I made the original baked feta pasta with feta cheese and tomato pasta and thought this TikTok pasta recipe could use some adjustments. So, I turned it into a super creamy feta tomato pasta dish by adding a block of cream cheese to the mix–Now it’s a rich and super creamy feta tomato pasta dish that the pasta recipes with feta were missing! Read more

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