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frittata breakfast casserole

Frittata Breakfast Casserole

Frittata egg casserole is a cross between an omelette and crustless quiche, it takes less time to bake, and uses breakfast staples all in one dish! This cheesy tomato egg casserole is bursting with smoky bacon and lots of fresh garlic, its perfect for brunch or you can top it over a slice bread for a protein sandwich! Read more

canning chicken broth

Canning Chicken Broth

Canned chicken broth is a healthy middle between bone broth and chicken stock, loaded with chicken bones, vegetables, and enough water to make a nutritious broth, this liquid gold is a staple at our house! It’s safe and almost entirely hands-off! Chicken broth canned is the way to go when making it from scratch, simply cook a big batch, store it on the shelf, and pull out as many jars as you need to make soup, rice, or a delicious gravy! Read more

Ukrainian poppy seed cake with walnuts and raisins

Ukrainian Poppy Seed Cake with Nuts and Raisins

This poppy seed cake goes by so many names! In Ukrainian we call it “shenoschi premhe” (women’s whims) “Korolevsky”(kings cake), “tort ckazka”(fairy tale), or “tre bohatera” (the three rich). It’s a delicious moist 3 layer sponge cake with layers of walnuts, poppy seeds, and raisins, all smothered in a rich dulce de leche buttercream! You can expect requests for this poppy seed cake recipe, it will quickly become a favorite! Read more

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