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Olive Garden Pasta Fagioli is a hearty bean and pasta soup served at Olive Garden. It’s an EASY, one-pot soup the family can enjoy right from home! The ONLY way I make Olive Garden Pasta Fagioli!

This is the hearty red soup that resembles “Italian chili” at the Olive Garden restaurant! Although, I like Zuppa Toscana this soup stands on the top to eat soups at Olive Garden. I love this thick bean soup with some freshly grated parmesan cheese–just YUM! It’s incredibly easy to replicate and everything is done in one-pot! The only way I make Fasta e Fagioli soup from scratch, at home!

What makes this Pasta Fagioli Recipe EASY?

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1 year ago

I made this just for myself and ate it for three days. Yummy and full of flavor! Thank you

Alma Esparza
Alma Esparza
3 years ago

Love this recipe! It’s my family favorite soup, thank you so much for sharing all your recipes! God bless❤️

5 years ago

Is the amount of liquid in this soup enough? It seems small for that amount of ingirdients? Do you add in the liquid from the beans too , or drain the beans?

Reply to  Alyona Demyanchuk
5 years ago

Thank you for replying back quickly. I plan on making this today If I get out to the store today. Where did you buy your pasta? I haven’t seen similar kind in my local store.

6 years ago

So do you put in dry pasta at the end and only cook it for 5 mins? Is that enough? Or is the pasta already cooked and then added in for the last 5 mins?

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