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how to make a pizza dough recipe like New York Pizza

Pizza Dough Recipe

This is the most Authentic Italian Pizza Dough Recipe from a Neapolitan pizza chef! Learn how to make pizza at home without a costly pizza oven. You can make incredible New York Pizza with a chewy pizza crust just like your favorite pizza places or restaurant! This pizza dough is best for Margherita pizza or your favorite pizza toppings and it’s all made in a home oven! Read more

Honey Cake Medovik made with thin sponge cake layers

Russian Honey Cake (Medovik)

Russian Honey Cake is a thin layer cake made with raw honey and a sour cream frosting. This honey cake recipe can be made round or rectangular for a party size! My Ukrainian husband loves this Medovik Cake Recipe and this dessert is covered in the simplest cake decoration (leftover cake crumbs!)  Read more

Blueberry steamed dumplings using biscuit dough (Vareniki)

Blueberry Steamed Dumplings

In Ukrainian, we call dumplings “Vareniki” and these Blueberry Steamed Dumplings can be made two ways- steamed right in the pot or turned into traditional boiled dumplings. This dumpling recipe is made from refrigerated Pillsbury Grand biscuit dough for an easy shortcut and they taste just as fluffy as traditional dumplings grandma would make back in Ukraine (no one will even tell!) Read more

zesty cucumber salad recipe with pickles

Zesty Cucumber Salad Recipe

This Cucumber Salad Recipe is loaded with fresh cucumbers, zesty pickles, and crunchy summer vegetables, perfect for upcoming summer salad recipes. A must-try recipe for cucumber salad with tangy bites of sweet pickle chips and crunchy fresh veggies. This homemade salad dressing will shock you! Read more

cucumber cabbage salad with green onions and sunflower oil

Cucumber Cabbage Salad

Cucumber Cabbage Salad is a simple cabbage salad recipe mainly of shredded cabbage, cucumbers, and green onions all tossed in an easy vinegar cabbage salad dressing! This is one of the cabbage recipes served at Ukrainian weddings–it’s also known as Russian Green Cabbage and Cucumber salad!  Read more

soft pretzel recipe like the mall pretzels

Soft Pretzel Recipe (Copycat Annies Pretzels)

Learn how to make a soft Pretzel Recipe like the pretzels from the mall! This pretzel recipe is a real copycat to Annies pretzels or the pretzel maker pretzel! What’s not to love about this buttery and soft pretzel dipped into cheese sauce? Read more

Image of a Copycat Taco Bell chicken quesadilla cut into wedges

Taco Bell Chicken Quesadilla Recipe

A Taco Bell Chicken Quesadilla Recipe is a reason to make chicken quesadillas at home! This Taco Bell quesadilla sauce goes with just about any quesadilla recipe, whether you like steak, chicken and cheese, or vegetarian! It’s so easy to make including the Creamy Jalapeno sauce! Read more

broccoli salad inside a salad bowl

Broccoli Salad Recipe

The only Broccoli Salad Recipe you’ll need! Made from bacon and raisins, and mixed with a healthy broccoli salad dressing too good not to add it into cauliflower or slaw! This easy broccoli salad is a no-cook cold broccoli side that’s keto and low-carb approved! It’s an excellent standby salad that goes well with different add-ins, so, use this recipe for broccoli salad as a base!   Read more

creamy spinach chicken casserole

Creamy Spinach Chicken Casserole

Creamy Spinach and Chicken Casserole is one of the most popular creamy chicken recipes from our blog! This chicken and spinach casserole is layered into a baking dish using fresh spinach, raw chicken breasts, and a parmesan cream sauce that will melt under the cheese crust! Serve it as an easy weeknight dinner over rice or pasta! Read more

cheesy bacon BBQ chicken on a baking sheet baked from the oven. This Monterey chicken is a Chilis inspired dish topped with bbq sauce, bacon, Monterey Jack cheese, and tomatoes

Cheesy Bacon BBQ Chicken (Monterey Chicken)

Monterey Chicken is a cheesy Bacon BBQ Chicken recipe the whole family will want for dinner again! Smothered BBQ chicken breasts topped with bacon and Monterey Jack cheese are so easy to make! Garnish this baked BBQ chicken dish with fresh tomatoes and green onions for a tasty chicken casserole!   Read more

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