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scrambled eggs and seared bell peppers with a side of bread on a plate

Peppers and Eggs

Peppers and Eggs are Italian scrambled eggs with charred sweet bell peppers served with bread. This breakfast combo came from an Italian woman herself and even my non-pepper eater loved this breakfast! Breakfast is an essential part of the day… Read more

cinnabon looking cinnamon rolls on a white plate with a fork and a cream cheese frosting

Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

The best Homemade Cinnamon Rolls! Everything Cinnamon Buns should have including the perfect brown sugar Cinnamon Swirl and a cream cheese Icing! It’s the Best Cinnamon Rolls ever and compatible with a Cinnabon Bakery Style Cinnamon Roll!  Read more

breakfast pizza like school breakfast pizza with sausage gravy sauce, cheese and eggs on a pan

Breakfast Pizza

Looking for a Breakfast Pizza recipe to start your morning? This homemade breakfast pizza recipe is one of the easiest pizzas to whip up! School breakfast pizza is what all started the love for this pizza crust that’s loaded with… Read more

applesauce muffins with a sugar cinnamon topping on a white oval plate

Easy Applesauce Muffins

These super moist Applesauce Muffins will become a family favorite snack! Each muffin is ultra-soft and filled with applesauce then topped in a buttery cinnamon sugar coating! An irresistible snack that can make any breakfast pop! Muffins make a great… Read more

stuffed white button mushrooms with cream cheese and parmesan cheese on a cutting board

Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe

The only stuffed mushrooms recipe you’ll need! Each mushroom cap is stuffed with a creamy cheese non-sausage filling! Cook the caps with portobello mushrooms or white button mushrooms, and are you in for the Best Stuffed Mushrooms recipe!    Do… Read more

easy peach cake recipe on a serving spoon with peach slices and cream

Easy Peach Cake

This peach cake is made from feather-light sponge cake layers and a delicate homemade whipped cream frosting! It calls for canned peaches so summertime isn’t the only occasion to make it! Serve this as a birthday fruit cake or bring… Read more

taco bell cheesy fiesta potatoes with sour cream in a black bowl

Taco Bell Potato Recipe (Copycat Recipe)

Taco Bell Fiesta Potatoes are the potatoes Taco Bell Serves for their Fiesta bowls, spicy potato tacos, and the well known Taco Bell cheesy potato Grillers! A total must-try if you love Taco Bells crispy coated potatoes! Taco Bell Fiesta… Read more

chicken pot pie casserole with biscuits in a glass pyrex baking dish

Chicken Pot Pie Casserole with Biscuits

This Chicken Pot Pie Casserole is topped with Crusty Homemade Biscuits and made in the BEST homemade Gravy! It’s a super easy comfort food classic made from scratch! You need to try this creamy Biscuit Casserole made from a homemade… Read more

Alyona's Cooking Artisan Design Series with Glass Bowl GIVEAWAY

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer Giveaway (Or $300 Amazon Gift Card)

GIVEAWAY has ended. Thank you so much for entering and supporting Alyona’s Cooking! The lucky winner was Sonia who chose the Kitchen-Aid Mixer in the empire red shade! The winner was contacted via email and announced on Instagram! Stay tuned… Read more

loaded potatoes with mushrooms, chicken and onion baked

Loaded Baked Potato Casserole with Chicken and Mushrooms

This Loaded Baked Potato casserole is loaded with mushrooms, chicken, and cheese! Try this seared Baked Potato Concoction for a twist to the loaded baked potatoes you’d see with bacon, cheddar, and scallions!    Ukrainian’s love Potatoes! Which is why we have… Read more

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