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French bread recipe

French Bread Recipe

This crispy French Bread Recipe has a light and soft crumb perfect for sandwich recipes, French toast, garlic bread, and French bread pizza! Once it goes stale it’s perfect for croutons or bread stuffing! Our favorite way to eat it is as toast with scrambled eggs or with butter and jam for a dinner meal! Read more

crispy and creamy Bang Bang shrimp

Bang Bang Shrimp

Bonefish Grill Bang Bang Shrimp is a popular chain fried shrimp recipe! It’s crispy, coated in a creamy sweet and spicy chili sauce, and so incredibly tasty! This appetizer comes together easy with a few ingredients and is the best Bang Bang Shrimp Recipe I’ve had! Read more

Shrimp Fritto Misto appetizer from Olive Garden

Shrimp Fritto Misto

Shrimp Fritto Misto is a mixed fried shrimp appetizer from the Olive Garden Italian restaurant. This seafood appetizer is made with over a pound of shrimp mixed with bell peppers, hand breaded and then lightly fried. Serve with homemade spicy ranch or marinara! It’s one of those shrimp appetizers perfect for a party or lunch! Read more

Chipotle Ranch Grilled Chicken Burrito

Chipotle Ranch Grilled Chicken Burrito is a Taco Bell Burrito stuffed with grilled chicken, crunchy tortilla strips, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and creamy chipotle and ranch sauce. This copycat burrito recipe has become a family favorite Mexican meal that is quick and easy to make! Kids, even love these warm flour tortillas wrapped around these tasty taco toppings! Read more

zucchini muffins on a plate

Zucchini Muffins

Super moist Zucchini Muffins with glossy tops and tender crumbs, this zucchini muffin recipe will melt-in-your-mouth! I like to make them healthy by using whole wheat flour but if you must indulge top with cream cheese frosting for a tasty fall dessert quick breakfast, or snack! Read more

Panda Express Orange Chicken

Panda Express Orange Chicken Recipe

Panda Express Orange Chicken is crispy fried chicken in a sweet and citrusy Chinese chili sauce. Every chicken piece is coated in a thick and tangy glaze that is so addictive! Serve with a side of fried rice or Lo mein for a homemade take on Panda Express! Read more

zucchini Ikra recipe

Zucchini Spread Recipe

Zucchini spread is a soft and pulpy spread called “ikra” in Russian. It comes together with a melody of fresh vegetables and can be enjoyed as a chunky side dish (salad), spread over bread, or as a dip! We love this vegetable dip hot or cold and it only gets better after sitting! Read more

whole wheat pelmeni

Whole Wheat Pelmeni

Whole Wheat Pelmeni is a Russian dumpling made with wholesome ingredients. This pelmeni dumpling is made like the classic dough only the flour contains whole grain which is filled with nutrients. These pelmeni dumplings have a savory chicken filling that everyone loves and you don’t need a pelmeni maker! Read more

buckwheat meatballs with chicken

Buckwheat Chicken Meatballs in Cream Sauce

Buckwheat and Chicken Meatballs is a mixture of ground chicken, healthy buckwheat, grated onion, egg, garlic, bread crumbs, and milk all rolled into a ball then fried and cooked in the oven with sauce. In Russian, we call these flat meat patties “Tefteli” which are typically made of rice but buckwheat kasha makes it a healthier grain packed with protein! Read more

boxed brownie recipe

Homemade Boxed Brownie Recipe

A true chocolate brownie recipe like the box brownies! These homemade brownies get a glossy skin, crispy edges, and are light and fudgy just like the box brownie mix everyone loves! Say goodbye to the store-bought brownies and make this brownie mix to have on hand anytime! Read more

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