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A slice of Tiramisu

Tiramisu Recipe

Traditional Tiramisu is an Italian layered dessert made with coffee-soaked ladyfingers, whipped mascarpone cream, and chocolate cocoa powder. This Luscious no-bake dessert is popular for a reason! My recipe is liquor-free and still incredibly rich in flavor from the whipped… Read more

how to make ladyfingers the easy way

Ladyfingers Recipe

Ladyfingers are Italian sponge cake cookies that are the main ingredient in tiramisu dessert! These sweet biscuits can be dipped in coffee or topped with powdered sugar to enjoy with an English cup of tea! See how easy it is… Read more

how to make a chicken Philly cheesesteak sandwich with homemade footlong's like Subway

Chicken Philly Cheesesteak

This hot Chicken Philly Cheesesteak sandwich is made with thinly sliced pieces of chicken, veggies, and melty provolone cheese all inside a toasted homemade Italian Herb and Cheese Footlong! We drizzled Southwest Chipotle sauce and mayo over each sandwich with… Read more

Unos shrimp and crab dip recipe is the best shrimp dip!

Shrimp Dip (Unos Copycat)

Unos Shrimp and Crab Dip is a mighty tasty hot shrimp dip with melted creamy cream cheese, seafood chunks, parmesan, and white cheddar cheese. The appetizer is served with crispy baguette slices that will get you hooked on this baked… Read more

Pizza Hut stuffed crust pizza

Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Pizza

Make Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Pizza like the original right at home! An easy homemade pizza crust is stuffed with string cheese, topped with supreme toppings, and baked to the scrumptious large stuffed crust pizza we all love! Watch the… Read more

how to make a crab Rangoon recipe like Chinese Takeout

Crab Rangoon Recipe

How to make a Crab Rangoon Recipe just like takeout! Chinese Crab Rangoons are stuffed with cream cheese, crab meat, and scallions! These Wonton pockets go best with duck sauce or sweet and sour dipping sauce and the secret to those buffet Rangoons… Read more

chow mein noodles are the best Asian noodles!

Quick Chow Mein

Forget the Chinese takeout and make these Chow Mein stir-fried noodles in 15 minutes! These chow mein noodles are made with simple Kikkoman sauces to fix dinner fast! The whole family loves this Chow Mein recipe, even children! If you want to make… Read more

easy and simple pomegranate salad

Pomegranate Salad with Ranch Dressing

This pomegranate salad has been a family-favorite salad recipe at Thanksgiving and Christmas events for years! It’s such a simple salad made with pomegranate seeds and a creamy garlic ranch dressing. I even got my mother-in-law hooked on this pomegranate… Read more

creamy mushroom gravy recipe with cream and carrots

Creamy Mushroom Gravy

This Cream-Infused mushroom gravy is divine! Sauteed baby Bella mushrooms simmer in the mushroom juices with onion and carrots then finished off with a slurry and heavy cream! It’s the mushroom gravy recipe you’ll want to eat out of a spoon–delicious!… Read more

the best biscuit recipe made from buttermilk

Biscuit Recipe

Big Buttery, Soft American Biscuits is a leavened quick bread perfect for biscuits and gravy! This biscuit recipe has been a family favorite for years because they truly are the BEST biscuits! Also known as freezer biscuits, for their straight… Read more

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