A Croissant Breakfast Sandwich like your favorite drive-thru! Toasted croissants are topped with ham or bacon, eggs, and cheese! Simple but one tasty breakfast sandwich! 

breakfast sandwich made from croissants, eggs, bacon, ham, and American cheese
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Breakfast Sandwiches are one of the first things that can come to mind when breakfast needs to be served speedily! Try our English Muffin Breakfast Sandwiches (freezer-friendly) or our Manhatten Bagel Breakfast Sandwiches!

Breakfast Sandwich

Some of the best breakfast dishes come with eggs and if you look at Mcdonald’s menu, or any fast-food restaurant you’ll know why. Eggs are super-efficient and imagine all the scrumptious egg breakfasts you can make, like an Egg and Cheese Bake, Breakfast quesadillas, plain scrambled eggs, or even egg patties for many breakfast sandwiches you can think of!

I love mayo or sauces in most of my sandwiches, but I’ve come to realize every time I order a drive-thru breakfast sandwich, there is no sauce. Just toasted bread, an egg patty, American cheese if you prefer, and some kind of meat if you wish. Simple but classic. Well, the same technique can be done at home with the appliances you have on hand– an oven. No fancy ingredients and if you want to scramble or bake eggs, totally your call.

croissant breakfast sandwich

This breakfast sandwich can be made into any variation. Bagels. Toasted Multi-grain bread. Jimmy Dean Sausage Patties. Salsa or Avocados. Biscuits would be delicious too! Regardless of what your morning cravings are, toast the bread, make your eggs (skillet this time around.) And assemble.

I made almost a dozen sandwiches so my oven-toasted all of my croissants at once in one sheet pan. I then pan-fried my eggs in oil and stuck them aside. Thanks to freezer bacon that I microwaved, (which reheats in as quick as 30 seconds) I then assembled the croissants slapped some American Cheese on top, and microwaved the final sandwich just to semi-melt the cheese. Breakfast couldn’t be tastier!

breakfast sandwich with croissants

How to make a Croissant Breakfast Sandwich:


How To Cook Eggs for a Breakfast Sandwich?

Eggs just need some heat to cook. Electric appliances are super convenient although you can use outdoor griddles and cast-irons for fires when camping out. Here are my top three ways for cooking eggs:

  • Non-stick skillet- the easiest tool to reach and one likely to have on hand.
  • Electric Griddle- super handy when making large batches!
  • Baked Eggs- this English Muffin tin can bake up a batch of perfectly round egg patties for a crowd or when making freezer breakfast sandwiches!


  • Make a Biscuit breakfast sandwich by omitting croissants.
  • Sautee Mushrooms.
  • Top with seared onions, sweet bell peppers, or hot peppers.
  • Use different slices of Bread.
  • Make a Cheesy breakfast sandwich with Cheez Whiz and caramelized onions.
  • Make it Mexican by adding salsa, guacamole, or green Verde.

What Sauces Go Best with Egg Sandwiches?

Many sauces can complement a breakfast sandwich! Hot Sauce is a great way to get a morning kick, however here are some others to go with eggs;

Ingredients for 1 Breakfast Sandwich?

If you are not feeding a crowd and need to scale down, no problem! Just use one of each of the following ingredients:

  • 1 croissant- Costco doesn’t seem to have the pretzel-shaped ones anymore but Walmart, Aldi, or Sam’s Club still do!
  • egg- love me cage-free eggs!
  • ham or bacon- bacon or ham off the bone deli meat!
  • Cheese- American Cheese is the best for Breakfast Sandwiches! Besides, it’s the drive-thru staple!
  • dash of pepper- ground black pepper.
  • oil for frying- I used soybean oil (super cheap.)
croissant breakfast sandwich with eggs, American cheese, ham, bacon


  1. Make everything in one-pan!
  2. Make it a go-to breakfast sandwich by freezing large batches!
  3. Get hearty and make a double stack of eggs!
  4. Load it up with sauteed veggies or Mexican inspired flavors!

Other Tasty Sandwich Recipes to Make:

Croissant Breakfast Sandwich

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Microwave: 2 minutes
Total Time: 12 minutes
Servings: 8 Croissant Sandwiches
Croissant Breakfast Sandwich like your favorite drive-thru! Toasted croissants are topped with ham or bacon, eggs, and cheese! Simple but one tasty breakfast sandwich! 


  • sheet-pan
  • non-stick skillet
  • Microwave


Croissant Breakfast Sandwich:

  • 8 croissants
  • 8 slices American cheese
  • 8 slices ham or bacon
  • 8 eggs
  • 3 tbsp oil for frying eggs


How to Make Croissant Breakfast Sandwiches:

  • Slice croissants in half and arrange side up into a sheet-pan. Broil until toasted. Remove.
  • Heat oil in a large non-stick skillet over high heat. Crack eggs into skillet breaking the yolks. Immediately reduce heat to med-low and sprinkle with pepper. Cook thoroughly flipping once.
  • Place 1 slice of ham onto the bottom half of each croissant (cut bacon in half if using.) Top with an egg and a slice of American cheese. Seal the sandwich with the other half and microwave each sandwich for 15 seconds just for the cheese to melt.


  • Optional: Brush croissant tops with a sweet mustard sauce before broiling (mix 4 tbsp melted butter, 2 tbsp brown sugar, and 2 tsp yellow mustard.)
  • Make-ahead: Cool croissants and eggs before assembling and wrapping. 
  • Re-heat: by microwaving for 30 seconds. 
  • To Freeze- Cool croissants and eggs before assembling and wrapping. Freeze up-to 3 months. 

Nutrition per serving

Serving: 1croissant sandwichCalories: 487kcalCarbohydrates: 27gProtein: 20gFat: 33gSaturated Fat: 14gCholesterol: 240mgSodium: 1012mgPotassium: 236mgFiber: 1gSugar: 7gVitamin A: 860IUVitamin C: 1mgCalcium: 267mgIron: 2mg

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